Is Magic the Kitchen or the Chef?

Maybe you are looking for a studio to make a recording of new songs you've written. Maybe you need help getting your vocals recorded. Or perhaps it is time for a big album release. You look up studios around your area and try to figure out a price for you to record...

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New A Cappella Album Underway!

Hymns of the Faith! I'm hard at work in the arranging stage of the new a cappella album. I'm really excited about this one, and I want to make it special. This will be my fourth all-a cappella album, and I was thinking what type of songs to do this time around. Hymns...

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A Chat with New Artist Amber Foster

Many of you will know Amber Foster from her excellent rendition of “What Manner of Man Is This” on YouTube. Now several years later, she has signed with Ben Everson Music Missions for her debut solo album, due out May 2. I was able chat with her during her busy...

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