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What Is Progressive Revelation?

Here is a big deal when it comes to understanding the Bible. So many people think the Bible contradicts itself when it is actually a failure to understand how the Bible works. Take a moment to either learn or review this...


Hear some of the highlighted messages Ben is giving in churches across the USA. More are being added each month.

Vocal Coaching

Get familiar with Ben’s singing method “Sweeter Singing” as well as tips and helps for your voice as a singer or public speaker.

About the Everson Family

The Everson family are veterans of the road. Since 2003, they have lived full-time in itinerant ministry, serving hundreds of local churches in weekly revival meetings, summer camp ministry, and music concerts. Now based out of Pensacola, Florida, the Eversons continue to tour and produce creative Christian music.

Do you want to learn how I record?

Over Christmas break, I am going to be video recording a new education course. Every step, every piece of software, every secret I have learned about a one-man a cappella recording since 1984 will be included. I’m planning on having it ready in February or March of 2018. Enter your email to be notified when it is ready!

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