Many of you will know Amber Foster from her excellent rendition of “What Manner of Man Is This” on YouTube. Now several years later, she has signed with Ben Everson Music Missions for her debut solo album, due out May 2. I was able chat with her during her busy schedule.

Ben: Amber, what year are you at Pensacola?

Amber: I am a junior. At least, I will be a junior once I finish up this last semester—which is in three more weeks.

Ben: What are you focusing on?

Amber: I am a missions major with a vocal music minor.

Ben: Fantastic! How would you describe your favorite things in one sentence?

Amber: The short version? I love music, coffee, and Jesus.

Ben: Well said! (Except the coffee part.)

Amber: (Laughing) Seriously, I absolutely love my home church and getting involved in the different ministries there—the phrase “church family” is definitely true in our situation. I also have worked as a dental assistant for the past five years, and I really enjoy it! I love getting to know different patients and being able to minister them. I also love spending time with friends and family. Chocolate and coffee are also a couple of favorites…oh, and I really like singing!

Amber with her mother and sister getting ready for her album cover photo shoot.

Ben: I know you may not have all the answers to this question, but do you have a sense of what the Lord might have in store for you in the future?

Amber: I know that the Lord wants me in some type of full-time ministry—where and exactly how, I’m not sure. There are several different places and types of ministries that I could see the Lord leading me to in the next couple of years, but I know that I’m supposed to be doing what I’m doing right now, and I trust Him to guide me with the next step when it comes time.

Ben: You do a lot of things at PCC right now, correct?

Amber: I’m currently chaplain of my collegian. I help lead a Christian service. And I enjoy getting involved in different music groups.

Ben: How did you come to Christ?

Amber: I grew up in a pastor’s home, so I grew up hearing the gospel frequently. However, as a child, I thought I had to get “just the right words” in order for God to save me. I remember constantly praying for salvation, just in case I had forgotten something or didn’t fully understand something and God hadn’t saved me. I can’t remember the exact day that I accepted Christ, but I now know that my salvation rests upon Christ’s faithfulness and forgiveness—not “the right words.” He promised me that if I believed in Him and asked Him to save me, He would—and He did! “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Rom 10:13)

Amber Foster’s debut album “You Are Always Good” will be available May 2 from You can also check out the entire Foster family CD here:

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