New A Cappella Album Underway!

New A Cappella Album Underway!

Hymns of the Faith!

I’m hard at work in the arranging stage of the new a cappella album. I’m really excited about this one, and I want to make it special. This will be my fourth all-a cappella album, and I was thinking what type of songs to do this time around.

Hymns are such a comfort and source of strength to believers down through the years. In fact, a mark of a good hymn is that is stands the test of time and remains with us. I’m including some of the greatest hymns we’ve had down through the years.

In fact, I’m taking suggestions from our 127 Patrons on Patreon as to what hymns they would like to hear.

I haven’t completed all the arrangements yet, but I’m working on them, and plan to begin recording the album the week of May 22nd, so your prayers are appreciated!

What can you pray for? Here’s a quick list:

  1. Wisdom in picking the rest of the song list,
  2. Creativity in the arranging,
  3. Health and stamina for my voice.

It’s no secret that my family is going through some challenging times right now as we┬árelocate to Pensacola, FL, and get medical care for my wife and a house for the family. So recording during this time is not going to be simple. But I’m SUPER grateful to Pensacola Christian College that is giving me a room to use as a temporary recording studio to do this project! What a blessing!

We’ll keep you updated throughout the process. Thank you for your prayers, and I can’t wait to create this album to be an encouragement to you and other believers!

The projected completion date for the digital album is June 22. Physical albums will be released 4 weeks later.