We have dedicated our lives to the production of music that reflects the creativity and character of the God of the Bible. No matter if it is a modern hymn, a cappella song, or even a “fun” number, our desire is to be balanced and biblical in all we do.

Ben preaches unapologetically from the conviction that God’s Word has the power to change our lives from the inside-out. His messages are practical and faithful to the text. A good dose of humor often helps the truth find its home in our hearts.

We are committed to encouraging believers in local churches. Everything that we do is designed to benefit churches. God’s chosen institution for the age of grace is the church! Click here to find out how to schedule.

The Latest Blog & Twitter from Ben

Fusses, Fights, Funerals & Traffic Lights

Fusses, Fights, Funerals & Traffic Lights

I'll be using the traffic lights as a "shorthand" on my posts from now on. Read on to see what each one means. For a while now I've been wanting to blog more consistently on topics that matter to me. But I've held back out of fear of being misunderstood. Some things...

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3 Non-Vocal Reasons I Love Voctave

3 Non-Vocal Reasons I Love Voctave

If you haven't heard the a cappella group Voctave, you need to. Seriously.This group "happens" to have some of the same singers as the Voices of Liberty from EPCOT. (There's legal reasons for the distinction, I'm sure.) As a listener, I look forward to...

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With Pastor Tim Ruhl in Chico, CA! @ Chico, California https://t.co/oNnGNYdJsA

Beautiful day here at church in Chico, CA! @ Pleasant Valley Baptist Church https://t.co/OANToNxbfX

Worship is no longer worship when it reflects the culture around us more than the Christ within us. - Tozer

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Walking by Faith as a Family. . .

We depend on people like you to be able to minister in music. Right now, we do not have a house of any sort. We have a handful of churches, families, and individuals who support our ministry monthly. We could not encourage so many without their financial help.
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