Thank you for your prayers! I’m much better.

I want to express my appreciation for so many who prayed for me after my recent trip to the emergency room. I am very happy to report that all the tests they ran on my heart and blood came back with excellent results. The final verdict is that I was dehydrated and low on salt and electrolytes due to overwork. I have addressed those things aggressively, and I feel better than I have in months. I am back to preaching and singing our full schedule. I also am remaining faithful to my eating plan to help me lose weight slowly and effectively.

If you’d like to know more about why I haven’t “slowed down” more, read on.

I’ve gotten a lot of encouraging comments about “slowing down” and “pacing myself.” I so appreciate people wanting the best for me!

I’d like to point out that just because we now have a rental house, we have not changed our primary ministry which is itinerant revival meetings. Most of our income is dependent upon our traveling. If I don’t travel, we have minimal income. We are very grateful that PATREON has helped in this area and we have some supporting churches left including our sending church Calvary Baptist of Midland, MI. But that income is not enough for me to scale back traveling and rest. (But there’s a reason for that!)

Perhaps a lot of people are thinking that because we’ve located in one place now, our ministry has changed. Some people think we are no longer serving in revival meetings. Others think that I’m on faculty at Pensacola Christian College. While we appreciate the ministry of PCC and I sing and preach on campus from time to time, we are not connected with the college. We are actually still carrying a full-calendar of meetings around the country.

I completely understand that I need to have more recovery time in between meetings to write and record music and just rest.

But that leads me to a prayer request. Would you pray we can sell our truck? While we had a 5th wheel, we needed a big, dependable truck.  Two years ago we got the best truck we could as an investment in the ministry. But now that we sold our 5th wheel and are house renting, we don’t need the truck. And it is EXPENSIVE to pay every month. (Our 5th wheel was paid off so the only big expense prior to renting was the truck.) As I write this post, our truck is being professionally detailed to prepare it for sale. If God will sell our truck, I believe that will take care of the everything else. 

In summary?  “Sell the truck=I don’t need to travel my brains out.” Just not in those words.

Here is the link for the truck.

PLEASE understand, I’m not complaining about my life! I love what God has enabled us to do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The simple truth is that the transition we’ve been undergoing has taken much longer and cost much more than we had hoped. But most of you have been there before! This is nothing new for the Lord, and we are trusting Him.

Hopefully, that explains why I haven’t slowed down. When I can sell that truck, the pressure will be reduced and I can take it down a notch or three!