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The Singing Preacher

Evangelist Ben Everson was saved at the age of 10. God called him to preach in 10th grade at his home, Calvary Baptist Church of Midland, Michigan.

Ben had the privilege of growing up in a musical family. His parents are both brilliant musicians with gifts for teaching others. He began specializing in a cappella music while in junior high, and continues to use his musical abilities as a supplement to preaching the Word of God around the United States as well as internationally. Ben did not pursue what could have been a lucrative career in secular musical performance to keep his attention on the ministry God has called him to.

Amanda Everson was born into a Christian home. During her younger years, her family was called to the mission field of central Mexico where she learned to speak and sing in Spanish. Ben and Amanda were married 20 years ago, August 7, and Amanda joined Ben on the road. 4 trucks, 2 vans, and 3 travel trailers later, the 6 Eversons have ministered to hundreds of churches, Christian colleges, camps, and Christian schools as well as mission fields with church plants.



A Consummate Communicator

Ben Everson's versatility as a vocalist and his deep understanding of communicating through music set him apart. He has a Broadway quality voice that is clear and strong with flawless intonation. 

Everson has lectured at Pensacola Christian College, Michigan State University, Duke University, Maranatha Baptist University, among other educational institutions. His a cappella work has been featured internationally while drawing comparisons to the King's Singers and GLAD.