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Evangelist Ben Everson has preached and/or sung over 6000 times since 1995. The Everson family travels across the United States as well as internationally, serving Bible-believing local churches, Christian schools and colleges, camps, and other ministries.



How to Host the Everson Family


We respectfully request a $350 travel expense check made out to Ben Everson Music upon our arrival. As a family of six, most hotels do not allow us to all stay in one room. Each night we are on the road costs around $225 before gas or food. We may travel a longer or shorter distance to your church but this is a good average of the cost.

If you would like us to travel a significantly longer distance to get to you, we may need to request a higher fee. We can discuss that on the phone as plans are made.


Please do not house us with another family. A couple of modest hotel rooms, a prophet’s chamber, or a missions house are all excellent options. Airbnb.com is a fantastic new option. Keep in mind the number (6) in our family when booking. When booking an Airbnb, please make sure it is in a safe location within 20 minutes or so of the church. “Superhost” and “sparkling clean” are excellent key words to look for.
**Note** Make sure the Airbnb is a separate house, not a couple rooms inside someone’s house! The option “entire house” will be a drop-down option. (See picture.)
We have absolutely no problem booking our own lodging if that is easier for you! We know exactly what we need and can turn in a receipt for the church records.


While the travel expense helps our road time, our livelihood depends upon the love offerings taken up by the local churches we serve. Prayerfully consider giving people the opportunity to give at every service.


We have altered our eating plans due to time constraints. We live in meetings almost year-round, and with the evening meetings coupled with homeschooling during the day, we are asking that we no longer eat meals at families' homes. We are sad to make this choice, but we believe it is in the best interest of our family at this stage. We do very much enjoy going out to any number of restaurants for fellowship after an evening service. This is when we eat supper anyway. Ben and Amanda are on a special low carbohydrate diet to combat acid reflux. If Ben deviates from his diet in even a small way, he gets very sick. The diet also helps with Amanda’s epilepsy and helped her recover from anemia.