Is it hard for you to admit you’re wrong about something?

It can be for me, but over the years I’ve learned that its easier just to be honest if something comes up.

Many of you know that I have grown increasingly suspicious of social media, especially Facebook. I have stated that there will probably come a time when people who are conservative will be banned or at least suppressed on these platforms. As a way to preempt that, I informed people that I’d be moving my communications off Facebook and toward a special email group. If you are getting this in email format, you’re part of this group!

My error is not that I was wrong about what I think will happen. It appears I’m wrong about the timing. We do see conservative viewpoints being muffled every day. And it isn’t limited to Facebook.  I think I’m a little too soon. The nature of our posts are mostly music and encouragement, and it is probably true that we have more time than I thought (months? years?). I’ve been encouraged by some thoughtful people not to abandon the platform, but use it until the last possible moment.

So although it may make me look bad for not being exact in my anticipation, I don’t mind. I’d rather take good advice and adjust my course when necessary than to be too stubborn and miss out on being a blessing. This means that I’ll go back to being active on Facebook for the time being and we’ll go forward by faith and reevaluate over time.

I’ll still be posting on my blog, and our email newsletters and posts are the only guaranteed way to keep in contact in the future. It just appears that we have more time than I thought. I’m going to use the opportunities to get the message out as long as possible.

If and when they shut us down for the truth, then we’ll cross that bridge. Thanks for understanding my desire to everything right!


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