Meetings with the entire Everson family

Traveling with an entire family was simpler when we had a 5th wheel trailer for 15 years. We no longer have a trailer, and so our needs are a little more complex.


We request lodging for our family of six during our stay with you. Please do not attempt to house us with another family. Between Ben doing errands and Amanda homeschooling the kids, there are too many possible complications that can arise. We sometimes have some unique needs due to Amanda’s epilepsy and living with another family during the week is simply not possible.

Here are some options that have worked well in the past:

  • Two hotel rooms for the week with two beds in each room,
  • A hotel suite that has a separate bedroom,
  • A prophet’s chamber or missions house,
  • A vacation rental home for the week was cheaper for one church in particular.


I (Ben) am following an extremely strict Keto diet. It is primarily for internal health but I’m trying to lose weight, too. I’ve found that if I “cheat” on the diet even a little bit, I get extremely sick to my stomach and am out of commission for 24 hours. Amanda has also joined me on a similar diet. The kids are not on the same restrictions.

We so appreciate the desire of some churches to prepare meals for our family. However, we’ve found that this hasn’t been working very well and we really don’t want to waste people’s time and energy. We are able to visit restaurants because it allows for menu choices. As long as we aren’t eating before an evening service, we would love the fellowship for lunch or supper after a service. Many churches have given us some “grocery cash” to help us for the week. That is always a blessing.

Travel, Fuel, Flights, etc.

Each church is asked to help with the expenses (which covers fuel, hotels, meals, etc.) and receive a love offering for the team. Our current request for travel expense for the family is $350. It can be made out to Bible Revival Ministries.

Meeting Duration

Our normal course of meetings is Sunday through Wednesday. If you have something different on your calendar, let’s talk ASAP to make sure our calendars are in agreement.

We travel with our own BOSE sound system, so we will not need your church sound. This is due to the huge differences in churches as I travel. We can provide music for each service. We will need your own music person to lead the congregational singing each service. An 8-foot table for CDs would be a great blessing.

Thank you for your help in these areas. Our desire is to be a huge blessing and taking care of these details helps us focus without worry.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to give me a call on my cell phone at 850-529-6873.

Ben Everson