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11 Songs of Joyful A Cappella Music

I’ve not been ever quite as thrilled to present a new album as I am with this one! It wasn’t that long ago that I wondered if I would be able to sing again. I’m SO GRATEFUL that God has given me my voice back so I can share it with YOU! (For a brief testimony, read further down below the videos.)

  1. Amazing Love (my alternate melody)
  2. A Mighty Fortress
  3. Pass Me Not (beautiful setting by my dad)
  4. You Are My Refuge (Megan Hamilton’s new song from Majesty Music)
  5. A New Name in Glory (traditional quartet)
  6. Better Than I (from Joseph: King of Dreams animated children’s movie, and a personal favorite)
  7. What a Savior
  8. His Robes for Mine 
  9. Bow the Knee
  10. He Lives (a new worship hymn I wrote specifically for this album!)
  11. Rejoice in the Lord

As always, the a cappella music I record is my real voice, not a computer synthesizer.

I am beyond grateful for this album. It wasn’t that long ago when I questioned whether not I would be able to really sing again, not to mention create an entire a cappella collection. One-man a cappella songs take 16 – 40 times the amount of effort to create, depending on how many parts I have to sing through. But a cappella is my favorite genre, and it has been with me longer than any other facet of music.

10 months prior to this album, I began losing my voice. 8 months prior, I couldn’t make it through one song. I was diagnosed with acute laryngitis caused by laryngopharyngeal reflux. I was close to losing the quality of my voice for good. I had three months of voice rest, and additional months for vocal rehabilitation and changing some bad habits I had picked up trying to sing through the pain. Nearly a year later, I attempted just one a cappella song. That went so well, I thought I would do another. And then another. It was actually in the midst of recording “Better Than I” that I felt something unlock in my throat, and I could say my voice had fully returned. The rest of the album came quickly, and every moment was filled with joy as I was able to sing freely once more!

I’m extremely grateful to my vocal therapist Dr. Shellie Beeman and my ENT-otolaryngologist Dr. Philip Harris. I am grateful to many individuals and churches that cared enough about me and my family to send us financial support when we had to stop touring. I’m thankful for my family who helped me stay encouraged during dark times. And I’m thankful to the Lord Who has given me back this gift. I am excited to share my joy with you.