The Ministry of Sound eBook

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Many of those who are tasked with running the sound in their local churches are volunteers with little to no training. They are simply willing people who want to be a help. This booklet covers the basic essentials to understanding the nature of basic church sound.

This will not turn you into a professional, but it will definitely help the novice sound operator understand what is going on. It is a quick read, with helpful tips listed throughout to help you get the most out of your system.

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Tim Hartman

Tim Hartman

Owner of Proclaim Audio/Video

Tim Hartman is owner of Proclaim Audio Video, a company focused on helping churches. He holds a BA in Missions from Pensacola Christian College and MDiv from Pensacola Theological Seminary. Tim is also an engineer for a large national satellite broadcasting uplink. He runs a “how to” YouTube channel called “ProclaimAV” which is geared towards helping church sound and video techs. You can find Tim by visiting his website,

Ben Everson

Ben Everson

Owner of Ben Everson Music

Ben Everson began using sound equipment as a child, recording his first live event at the age of 5, using a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Throughout junior high and high school, he was trained in sound by Larry Macklin in Midland, Michigan. He received further training at Maranatha Baptist University and Northland International University. Now a full-time evangelist, Ben maintains a portable studio on the side and produces a number of CDs each year.