We’re doing something that may cost us in the short-term.

Social media has incredible upsides. We all know this. The grand-daddy of them all, Facebook, has done an incredible job of intertwining itself with the fabric of life.

Facebook made it easy and free (at first) to connect with an audience. For musicians on a budget, this was a huge opportunity. We’ve loved being on Facebook as much as anybody. We’ve interacted with thousands of people this way and we’ve seen some great encouragements along the way.

However, we’ve known for years that there would be a time when it was no longer good to use Facebook as the primary means of reaching out to people. When you have a firm belief in the Word of God, we knew it would only be a matter of time before efforts were made to restrict content. We did not want to invest too much time, energy, and finances into a platform that ultimately – sooner or later – would be completely against everything for which we stand.


This does not mean I’m canceling my Facebook account. And I certainly am not telling anyone else what they should or shouldn’t do.

What it does mean is that we need to take the time now, before bad things happen, to move all of our meaningful content and interactions off of Facebook and toward our website and email. We’re breaking our dependency on it while we can.

Email is old-fashioned, but I think a little bit of “old-fashioned” may be just what we need.

We take encouraging God’s people seriously. Whether it be through music, or messages from the Word, or simply through testimony from our daily lives. We believe that moving away from dependence on Facebook will be the best plan for the long-term.

You’ll see we still have a Facebook page, at least for quite a while. But it will increasingly become a big ARROW with a sign that says, “moved to a new location.” 

If you want to be a part of this exciting challenge, join us by signing up here! We’ll be glad to welcome you aboard the lifeboat.