Are you confused about what we are doing? Does it seem like we are in a different place every month, doing something different than the last time you checked?

You aren’t alone! I’ve had a number of people tell me recently they’ve “given up” trying to figure out what we’re doing or where we are!!

Well, here’s the answer summed up:

We are traveling 100% of the time in revival meetings and concerts throughout much of the USA. By choice, we don’t have a 5th wheel or house of any sort. We are living this way so we can pay off all debt. We are traveling with our Chevy Express van and utility trailer.

I thought you were in Phoenix?

We did go to Phoenix in early 2017 as we considered getting a home there out of which to base our ministry. But we didn’t end up getting a house there.

I thought you were missionaries in Mexico?

We went from Phoenix to Mexico in March/April of 2017. Our thought was to get or build a house there out of which to base our ministry. It did not end up working out.

I thought you lived in Pensacola? Faculty at PCC?

We rented a house from June, 2017 through August, 2018, in Pensacola, FL. We based out of that house as we traveled in revival ministry. We are paying debt off so that we can try to purchase a house if possible back in the Pensacola area.

We love the good people at Pensacola Christian College. We attended the Campus Church for almost a year before we found our Florida church home. I’m not on staff or faculty at the college, although I love preaching, teaching, and singing there when they ask. I’ll be back there again soon.

How is your plan going?

Debt can keep a Christian from serving God as completely as they would want to. Debt keeps us in bondage. I know different people can think differently on this topic. But for us, getting free of debt would present us with the opportunity to minister to more people in more local churches.

We are a family; we need a home. We also need a place where we can write and record music and video. This is not going on indefinitely! It is a temporary plan designed to put us in a better position to purchase a house in a relatively short amount of time.

We’re doing ok with the plan. Kidney stones were not part of the plan, nor was getting stuff stolen out of our trailer. But we have paid significant amounts of debt and we are still working on it!

This is actually not the entire plan. Want to know more about what we are attempting for the Lord? You can join our newsletter here and find out more!